CCTV Surveillance System

It is mainly used to have the monitering on People, Premises and the valuable things. We have the vast range of CCTV and the thchnical team to guide on projects to projects basis. Area which are covered under this services are...

  • Education:-         School, Colleges, Play School
  • Railways
  • Airport:-               -Protecting passengers & employees-Preventing terrorism in its many possible forms-                                Bomb Threats, Suicide Attacks, -Sabotage and Hijacking of Aircraft.- Managing a wide                                           variety of different access authorizations.
  • Hospital
  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Petroleum
  • Police
  • Road
  • Retail                           -All type of retailer, Show Rooms, Jewellers Shop etc
  • Real Estate   
  • Restaurant
  • Corporate and 
  • Banking...


Q Management System

Q Management System is widely used by Hospitals, Banks, Food Courts, Restaurants, Utility
services, Service Centers, Personal Doctor Clinic etc. for improving customer flow within business premises. Operator uses this system to draw attention of customer by displaying pre-issued token / coupon number on
large LED display. Flashing of token number is usually accompanied with melodious or ding-dong sound and optionally voice announcement.

Bio Metric Device

This Device is used to manage the time and attendance of the employees, School Childrens, Factories workers, Small Offices staff and any where you want to have the people on time.  It is for Office, Government Factory, Retail Shops, Hotel, Hospital, Clinics etc.

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